MATE Desktop success stories

This is a short list of some “success stories” for MATE Desktop that I know.

  • Some distributions include MATE Desktop officially (and some of them have a dedicated MATE edition too): Fedora, Linux Mint, Sabayon and Salix OS.
  • The Physics Department of the Freie Universitaet Berlin in Germany deploys MATE on their Debian Wheezy desktops for both students and employees.
  • Portuguese Insurance company Tranquilidade has planned to migrate to Ubuntu 12.04 and MATE Desktop on their offices.
  • Canadian Legal Aid Manitoba has planned to migrate to MATE Desktop 1.6 on their offices, and their sysadmin is helping on its development too.
  • First Colo, a German Datacenter, has planned to migrate to MATE Desktop, and donated us a dedicated server to support our development.


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