What’s new in upcoming MATE 1.6

This is a list of new features planned for the upcoming MATE Desktop 1.6 release. The list doesnt contain all the removed deprecated packages replaced with new technologies in glib/gio.

  • Caja (file manager): Added support for new freedesktop.org File Manager DBus Interface.
  • Atril (document viewer): Added backend for XPS files.
  • Panel: Added –run-dialog option to open the run dialog.
  • Panel (windows list applet): You can use middle click button to close windows.
  • Control center (Windows applet): Added option to enable compositing manager and fast alt-tab.
  • Control center (Appearance applet): Set gconf/gsettings metacity theme if metacity or compiz are running.
  • Control center (Network applet): Use same GNOME proxy settings in gsettings-desktop-schemas.
  • Marco (window manager): Added option to open new windows on the center of the screen.
  • Calc: Added buttons to support inverse trig functions.
  • Notification daemon: Added option to show notifications only on one screen.
  • Themes: Added GTK3 support for most themes.
  • Settings daemon: Added support for mpris2 dbus interface for media keys.
  • Session manager: Added initial support for systemd-logind to shutdown and reboot without ConsoleKit.
  • Open terminal caja extension: Allow to opening a remote terminal on sftp mounts.

I would like to thank all people involved in the development and debug in the past months, and of course everyone that uses MATE.


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