How to use GSettings/dconf with dynamic paths

As you know, MATE 1.6 migrated to GSettings/dconf and dropped MateConf (the GConf fork). In this post I’ll give you some tips to learn this new configuration system.


First, I would like to spread this nice guide written by Infirit on our wiki about GSettings and dconf in MATE 1.6:

A thing you could miss in dconf-editor is the edit of GSettings values with dynamic paths. Some MATE applications use dynamic paths:

  • mate-panel, for applets and panels configuration
  • mate-terminal, for profiles configuration
  • mate-control-center, for custom keybindings settings

dconf-editor doesnt know the used schema in dynamic paths, so you need to use gsettings tool to change these values:

gsettings get SCHEMA[:PATH] KEY
gsettings set SCHEMA[:PATH] KEY VALUE

For example:

gsettings set org.mate.panel.applet.clock:/org/mate/panel/objects/clock/prefs/ show-seconds false


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