Try MATE Desktop 1.7

As usual during MATE development, when unstable tarballs are ready for users testing, we prepare repositories and ask them to help us to make it ready to become stable.

At the moment, there are guidelines for Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo and Ubuntu in this wiki page.


Packages are compiled with GTK2, and some of new features are:

  • caja: Add option to use IEC units instead of SI units
  • caja: Add “Open parent location” option in context menu in search view
  • engrampa: Show always the “extract to” action in caja extension
  • eom: Migration to lcms2
  • eom: Add shuffle mode in slideshow
  • marco: Add window snapping
  • mate-applets: Add undo functionality to sticky note applet
  • mate-applets: New command and timer applets
  • mate-control-center: Add support for 'artist' tag in xml backgrounds files
  • mate-media: Middle click on applet toggles mute state
  • mate-screensaver: Show date and time in lock dialog
  • Replace mate-doc-utils with yelp-tools
  • Drop libmatekeyring/mate-keyring for libsecret/gnome-keyring
  • Drop libmatewnck for libwnck
  • Drop mucharmap for gucharmap

Please notice that this will be the first release with working documentation links, so help us to debug manual too.

Thank you!


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